Ambient Music & Powerful Storytellers-Autumn Creatures 'Seasons' EP Review
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It began with two. Autumn Creatures first got together to write music in the basement of a house that founding members guitarist Alex Merill and keyboardist William Gress were squatting in at the time. Over the course of the next several months, a solid lineup was put in place comprised of both new and old friendships. Since AC’s beginnings in 2011, they have have never shown a hint of slowing down their drive; this is shown by the list of venues they have played in Colorado Springs, Denver, and the west coast region of the US. Through all of this in a short amount of time they have gained ample knowledge of what really makes a band function.

Autumn Creature’s debut release Seasons (2013) was written in the fall/winter of 2012 and was recorded with a local, well-known and respected producer, Seth Munson. While creating the artwork for the album, local artist and illustrator Mikel Howarth worked very closely with the band to ensure that the album’s artwork stood as a powerful and bold representation of the music that was being written. The opening track “Winter” really sets the mood of the album with a monologue of man speaking about just receiving news that he has cancer.

From start to finish, Seasons takes you on a beautifully transparent journey of a man battling cancer and falling in love with a woman he meets at the treatment center. This monologue is accompanied with a powerful and ambient sound that manages to mesh perfectly with the intense emotion that is found in the content of the story that unfolds. By the fourth track, “Autumn” you have witnessed an intimate piece of a man’s life that can easily be mistaken for reality. Seasons is a true roller coaster of emotion starting with gloomy, spacey guitars, low-key rhythmic drums, theatric keys and ending with full ambient guitars, proud drums, and driving keys this album completely captures the emotion of this powerful story in both word and music.

The band is currently in the process of writing a new album you can expect by the end of 2014; a name has not been released yet. The band is also heading to Japan for a tour later this month. Over the course of 10 days they will be playing all over the cities of Tokyo and Okinawa.


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