As much as it pains me to admit it (because KiNE Magazine is for recreational marijuana), I have been shocked by a frightening occurrence that has happened multiple times in my circle of acquaintances in the last few weeks:

People have flat-out passed-out from smoking weed.

Not the slurring, stumbling messiness of black-out drunks, or the slow-fading of a heavy-drinker; we’re talking about the fact that they took a couple hits off a joint or pipe and within half-an-hour had fallen face-down on the floor, eyes open, not-breathing like they just went 9 rounds with a heavy-weight and got knocked-the-fuck-out.

Let me say that again: one minute they were fine, the next, they were face-down on the floor… out.

This is terrifying to me and many occasional smokers for a multitude of reasons:

  1. These people were not “pot-heads”. They were occasional, recreational weed smokers. Which happens to be the fastest growing group of new users of marijuana in Colorado.
  2. Straight-up passing-out from smoking pot is rare. Like, I’ve-never-seen-or-heard-of-it-before-rare.
  3. None of these people had been drinking a lot before they passed out. One had a White Russian a few hours earlier, the others were cold-sober before they smoked.

Needless to say, something was really wrong, and we had a number of initial theories here at KiNE:

  1. Something was wrong with the bud. It had been laced, or tampered with in some way? Yet, no one else who had smoked that night had any similar symptoms or experiences.
  2. Something was wrong with the person. Maybe there was some underlying physical condition, yet unknown, in each of these cases that had led to them being affected by marijuana in such a way?

I wasn’t there personally, but some of our staff members said it was terrifying for at least a minute on these nights, so we’ve made it our personal mission to get to the bottom of this.

Why? Because KiNE is a supporter of the legal and responsible use of marijauana, and as such, we cannot turn a blind-eye to the risks of marijuana. True activism has making the world a better place at it’s heart, and we’d be hypocrites to promote only the benefits of marijuana while ignoring the potential down-sides. There’s a name for those people: snake oil salesmen, and we refuse to be unfaithful to our overall activism.

So in the spirit of true, responsible activism, here is what we found:

You CAN pass-out / faint from smoking weed

While my initial suspicions were that the weed was laced or tampered with in some way, through our research we found that the real culprit was most likely the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) itself. Although a rare occurrence, you can pass out / faint (also known as syncope) from smoking weed, even just a couple of hits. How?

Marijuana is a vasodilator, which means that it causes the blood vessels of the body to dilate, or expand, and results in lower blood pressure. Consequently, the heart rate increases to try and compensate for the lower blood pressure (how many times has your heart raced when you smoked? That’s a result of the lowering of your blood pressure). However, in a small population of people, it can lead to such a severe drop in blood-pressure that all the blood to pools in the legs, which leads to dizziness and fainting (orthostatic / postural hypotension).

Effects on the Heart and Blood Vessels

The cannabinoids exert quite profound effects on the vascular system. In animals, the main effect of THC and anandamide is to cause a lowering of blood pressure; in man, the effect in inexperienced users is often an increase in blood pressure, but after repeated drug use the predominant effect becomes a lowering in blood pressure. This is due to the action of THC on the smooth muscle in the arteries, causing a relaxation that leads to an increase in their diameter (vasodilation). This in turn leads to a drop in blood pressure as the resistance to blood flow is decreased, and this automatically triggers an increase in heart rate in an attempt to compensate for the fall in blood pressure. The vasodilation caused by THC in human subjects is readily seen as a reddening of the eyes caused by the dilated blood vessels in the conjunctiva. The cardiac effects can be quite large- with increases in heart rate in man that can be equivalent to as much as a 60% increase over the resting pulse rate (Fig. 2.9). Although this presents little risk to young healthy people, it could be dangerous for patients who have a history of heart disease, particularly those who have suffered a heart attack or heart fai lure previously. Another feature commonly seen after high doses of cannabis is postural hypotension; that is, people are less able to adjust their blood pressure adequately when rising from a seated or lying down position. This leads to a temporary drop in blood pressure, which in turn can cause dizziness or even fainting.

– Leslie L. Iversen, The Science of Marijuana p. 57, Oxford University Press

So, is this dangerous? The fainting itself isn’t necessarily dangerous (you should consider getting checked out by a doctor because it can be a sign of other cardiovascular problems), but what about falling and hitting your head? Or fainting while driving a car?

That could be tragic.

The bottom line regarding passing out / fainting after smoking weed.

If we want the liberty to enjoy cannabis recreationally, then we have to be honest about the risks, and even more so, responsible for our choices. Marijuana’s potency is through the roof, and the likelihood of this happening to more and more occasional smokers is increasing. So? Don’t be stupid. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If you feel the least bit dizzy/lightheaded after smoking/ingesting marijuana:

  • Sit down. Don’t stand.
  • Don’t drive.
  • Don’t attempt extreme activities (skiiing, climbing, hiking difficult trails).
  • Breathe deeply and regularly. Don’t panic.
  • If you do faint / pass-out you should probably go see a doctor because it could be a sign of a more serious cardiovascular condition.

Overall, the research seems to show that these orthostatic hypotension events from smoking/ingesting marijuana are short-lived. They will pass quickly and you will be fine, as long as you and your friends have made smart choices.

Before we freak out about the “dangers of pot”, consider this…

Is passing-out/fainting from smoking pot dangerous? Yes it can be. Very.

But let’s keep all of this in perspective: On Monday, the World Health Organization  (WHO) released a report stating that there were over 3 million deaths related to alcohol in 2012. That’s 1 in 20 of all the deaths in the world that were directly related to alcohol consumption.

Is fainting /passing out from the onset of orthostatic hypotension after smoking/ingesting marijuana a very serious issue? Absolutely, but that’s exactly why I think we need to be real about it and be aware of it.

As marijuana is legalized in more states, the potency of the strains continues to increase, and more people participate in recreational use, we are going to see more instances of passing out/ fainting. I think if people know this information and watch out for themselves and each other, there shouldn’t be any serious health threats from this.

However, if we ignore it, or worse deny it, then there will be ample opportunities for tragic accidents to happen that could have been avoided with just a little awareness and a little information.

If you enjoy our new-found liberty to partake in recreational marijuana, please consider sharing this article and talking about it to your friends.



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Trig is an artist, a lover of all things philosophical, and a well-rounded screw-up. For him a late night of discussing politics, philosophy and spirituality over wine and great music is the pinnacle experience of life. Better than the Super Bowl, better than food... maybe not sex... Trig believes in a compassionate self-giving lifestyle and sometimes ponders politics or becoming a pastor. But then he remembers that his home is simply with people, fellow seekers and troubadours. Feel free to write him at

31 Responses

  1. cody wildgust (cjwild)

    I feel like there is more to it… I happened to have passed out after smoking a personal joint once. HOWEVER, I’m of the believe it was due majorly to outside factors and merely triggered by syncope or the dilation of blood vessels. I hadn’t properly hydrated myself all day, it was hot and dry out and I had been outside all day without drinking enough water [instant problem if you smoke weed after, as it only further dehydrates the body].

    ALSO, my diet was seriously lacking and I hadn’t gotten enough food/good sugars that day.

    I think the problems are moreso underlying from outside factors and smoking marijuana just helps to reach those problems sometimes.

  2. WG

    Personally, I can’t smoke weed because of this. I would either pass out stone-cold, or more often I would experience seizure-like tremors in which my whole body would twitch uncontrollably. Pretty uncomfortable.

  3. yay

    I used to smoke alot, for about five years, and the last three times ive smoked ive fainted. I dont know if its the new weed or what but I have also gotten on a new adderal and have hypoglycemia. I have been smoking a long time so I dont know why its happening now. so the first time I was in my garage and started to feel weird so I told my friend I dont feel good, and hes like ok well chill out (ok). then my arms got heavy and I felt like I couldnt stop staring or control my eyes or blink, then things started to go black so I stood up ( first mistake) went to the door and felt really weak then my vision went black and I woke up and holding the door way my friend was like you gotta get up. So he got me back up and started walking me to the house and I fainted again and he caught me and I was unconscious with my eyes rolled back for about a minute till I woke up to my mom screaming and running towards me and I didnt know what happened so I started freaking out then had a panic attack lol so that was a good. Second time was at my friends friend house and woke up to them hovering over me. Third time I went to the bathroom went to open the door and then woke up on the ground and no one even knew I fainted. All three times have been incredibly terrifying for me and the people there and can be embarrassing and since they have happened I find myself almost fainting like once a day just because I know what it feels like now. If someone does faint in your presence make sure they DONT stand back up because they can faint again, check pulse and make sure to calm them down cause there gunna be confused.

  4. Anonymous

    I rarely smoke, like a couple hits every couple months. But I have passed out on multiple occasions. My boyfriend who is a regular smoker says I’m the only one he had seen do it. I am fine for a while then I start getting dizzy and can feel it coming. I usually slur out to him I’m gonna pass out and he grabs me before I fall down.

  5. Anonymous

    This actually just happened to me a few days ago… I’ve been a recreational smoker for about the last 6 months, took a couple bong rips then went out to dinner. At dinner, I started to get dizzy then passed out while standing, face first into the counter top, knocked out a couple of my teeth and gave myself a concussion. I had been dieting so there wasn’t much in my system and I had smoked weed about 30 minutes prior. I had never heard anything like this before seeing this article after the fact. No one I know who is a smoker has ever seen this either. The dr. told me that it was caused by something different but I did not disclose that I was using weed just before it happened so idk what to think now… obviously i’m concerned due to the damage i’ve inflicted myself. Not sure that I want to smoke anymore….

  6. Anonymous

    It happened to me… For me I just took a monster hit and the next minute I woke up on the ground. I think my brain didn’t get enough oxygen because of the hit so I passed out.

  7. Heavy Smoker

    I am a VERY regular smoker (several times a day), and this just happened to me the other day. I didn’t full out faint, but I started to get really dizzy and see stars so I had to lie down to avoid fainting. It also happened once when I was a teenager. I assumed it was due to low blood pressure, as it felt like the blood was leaving my head and it got better as soon as I lay down for a few minutes. Thanks for making this article and confirming my suspicions!

  8. J

    Just happened to me for the third time went to ER my girlfriend drove me. They said I was dehydrated and low on potassium I told them I was smoking prior.

    • anonymous

      I have smoked pot for 40+ years, and not until about two ago had this ever happened to me. It has now happened to me about five times, twice where I fainted and then could not stand up or sit up for several hours. I believe there is a significant orthostatic hypotension that can occur with smoking pot, and I wonder if it can be clarified if certain strains are more likely to cause this. I have some “weak” pot and I can smoke that without getting faint. I personally know about ten other people that this has happened to. I would love to find certain strains of pot that don’t cause this. I do believe that it is the much stronger THC content and various new strains of pot that are causing this. If anyone has clearer information about ths, I would love to know.

  9. Jenn

    this happened to me last night. I am a very rare smoker and took two hits off my boyfriends joint after taking a shot of fire ball. We started making Kraft macaroni in the kitchen and I started feeling light headed. I grabbed the pot of hot water but couldn’t lift it up (thank goodness). My boyfriend dumped the noodles in the strainer for me and the steam hit my face and i blacked out after that, fainted and hit my head on the kitchen floor. Woke up a few seconds later and voices felt really distant. Ive smoked our weed before and never experienced anything like this.

  10. Anonymous

    This happened to me last night. I’ve been a regular smoker for about 8 months now and I’ve only ever had one experience similar to this, but it was a little different. Last time, my boyfriend and I had just smoked a bowl of kief from his bong. I started feeling a little weird, so I sat down on the kitchen floor and kinda started shaking, like, seizing. I tried to stand up and just fell right back down. I was aware of what was going on this whole time. I believe I was just too high. Last night, however, was different. I had only taken 2 hits. From here, I don’t remember anything so this is all my boyfriend interpretation. I was standing up, I took a hit, and then I started to fall back. He said he didn’t know what was happening or else he woulda reacted quicker, but next thing he knew my head was hitting the stand-up mirror and the bong flew out of my hands. Apparently I was just lying there on the ground and and was kinda shaking again and still trying to talk to him. only thing I rememeber is him helping me up and me asking him why I was all wet (I was covered in bong water). I felt completely normal after I got up. Not light headed or high or anything, I felt fine. This is the only time I have ever fainted like that under any circumstances, and the fact I can’t remember any of this just freaks me out..

  11. Anonymous

    Thank you for writing this article- I have seen very little about fainting from smoking weed on the web, which honestly alarms me. I’ve fainted several times from just a few hits, and once got a nasty gash on my head from hitting a table. Prior to these episodes, I had never heard of such a thing happening and remember the first time I started getting nauseous and losing my vision, I thought I was going to die (in the moment you have no control of your body, very unsettling). This should be something everyone is aware of.
    I have a question, if anyone has an answer/speculation please reply: From the times I’ve fainted, I have never smoked a large amount or been noticeably hungry/dehydrated. These episodes seem to happen randomly and I’ve been forced to stop smoking because it’s impossible to predict when I’m going to pass out. Is there any explanation as to why this happens sporadically?

  12. daryl

    No big deal. Everybody is affected differently. I have a low resting heart rate & am prone to fainting after lots of exercise when standing after sitting for a while. When smoking pot [2 times a week on average] I am more likely to faint as well. It will be pronounced on whether I’ve exercised a lot or have had a couple of drinks. For me, I feel it coming on & just sit back down & it goes away within 20 seconds. I know of some people that it is more severe & they don’t smoke as it makes them sick. Like any drug, it works for some and not for others. Side effects on all drugs govern whether you should use it or not.

  13. Joe

    Happened to me about an hour ago, but I certainly had taken too many hits. It was taking forever to kick in for some reason so I hit it again and again until it finally kicked in. When it did I went from ecstatic to being awoken by my pal in about 3 minutes. Before fainting I had started to get extremely fidgety and anxious and started to lose my vision.

  14. Anonymous

    The only thing I can tell u guys is check ur weed man people be doing some strange thing to where weed to make it better fo
    r there pocket worst for ur health

  15. SmokinTampa

    I had my first fainting experience last night at a friend’s house. We had been drinking rum that had a mix with it that reminded me of egg nog. We watched a two hour movie then went out to his garage to take some hits. He gets this medical weed and it’s stronger than anything I have ever smoked in my past. I have smoked with him before and never felt anything like what happened last night. It was within a couple of minutes, I felt the effect shortly after my first hit. It was the second hit that really did me in. I took a long drag and held it in and slowly let it out. Then, I began to feel nauseous and everything was starting to look fuzzy. I also noticed that I couldn’t raise my arms, they felt so weak. I voiced what I was feeling to my friend, that I felt sick and I was beginning to buckle at the knees and was preparing to lie down or fall down on his garage floor passed out. He asked if I wanted to go sit down. Yes, that would be a good thing. So, he came up under my shoulder with one hand and led me into his living room and had me sit down. I slowly got over the weirdness and we were back at the kitchen table once again cruising the web. Now, this has shaken me up and I want to never take another hit of pot. If this is the new strength of pot, I don’t think I need it. I’m not a regular smoker like I use to be when I was in high school and for about twenty years after. I got too expensive and still is if you ask me. So, I think I’m done with it altogether. I don’t want to hurt myself falling down.

  16. Anon

    I have been smoking very regularly [a few times a day] for the past 5 years. A few months out of the year I may just smoke a couple times a week tho. I have fainted a couple times in these past years due to lack of sleep + not eating/drinking enough during the day, often on a very hot day. If I smoke when I am hungry I will get a lil dizzy and get head rushes and my vision will start blacking out. This happens especially if I stand up too quickly. These small dizzy spells go away after sitting down for a lil bit. Recently I fainted at a music festival, it was hot and I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I had smoked a few bowls while driving to the fest and smoked a small bowl an hour prior to fainting at the fest. This week I fainted while getting a steroid shot at the doctors. I smoked a small bowl about an hour prior to going to the doctor. I had to wait hours for my appointment. I thought the appt would just take an hour total with no wait as I was just getting a quick shot. I had planned on getting lunch after the appointment, I ended up missing lunch waiting for the dr. The weather also went from very cold the day prior to very unusually hot the day of the appt. overall it seems that things like not getting enough food/water, hot weather, stress, along with smoking weed which does temporarily cut off your oxygen and lead to low blood pressure and increased heart rate, can likely lead to fainting. this is the only article, along with comments sharing their similar fainting stories, that I have seen about weed+fainting, so I thought I’d share my experiences here as well.

  17. Anonymous

    If you are experiencing these problems with weed, a vasodilator, you should see a cardiologist and have them schedule a tilt table test. Most likely you have a condition called vasovagel syncope. If you fell faint get you head even with or below your heart and the symptoms should subside. If you faint, do not let your friends put you in a chair or stand you up. This can worsen the outcome and cause seizures. I was an occasional smoker, but have developed this over the last year and can no longer smoke. Someone who has this condition is more susceptible when standing up, dehydrated, or drinking alcohol. Hope this helps explain some things.

  18. California_Cobra

    This just happened to me on New Year’s Eve morning and it was a horrific experience. I am a chronic pain patient with Fibromyalgia and chronic back and leg pain so I will smoke every once in awhile, maybe a few times a month now, but was an everyday smoker for a few years. I smoked a bowl some time after waking up (not right away, but maybe an hour or two after awakening) and when I stood up to set my piece on my dresser I instantly felt woozy and like I was going to pass out if I didn’t lay down right away and so I laid down quickly and stayed there for what felt like at least 30 minutes. Laying down is the only thing you can do to try to recover from this, but when I thought I was fine and walked out of my room I felt that feeling coming back and so I grabbed the cupboard doors in my hallway for support, but I still ended up fainting onto the hardwood floor and it hurt! I skinned my elbow and my joints were killing me! I was trying so hard to get up and get ready for the evening’s party with my friends, but the whole morning and most of the afternoon I could not stand without feeling lightheaded and so I was worried and scared and I didn’t want to tell my friends what had happened and why I could not get there earlier than I’d planned. Usually drinking water and resting for a bit solves the problem, but not this time. Nevertheless, I made it to the party, smoked some more *lol* and without incident. This is not the first time I have ever fainted, but it is a first after having smoked. Other times is usually because I haven’t slept well and am just generally not in good condition. Here it is, 2 weeks later and recovered from the flu I had about a week ago and I am still in a lot of pain……and my doctor’s office has not called my pharmacy to approve one of my pain meds of which I am out of……not a very happy camper here!

  19. hollyholly96

    I used to smoke weed all day every day until i started fainting from it, i would hear a loud high pitch noise in my ears then everything would go black and id me on the floor, my mom was around for one one the episodes, my eyes were open and were shaking i was unresposive for about 30 seconds after it happened. I also have a brain injury from a past suiside attemp. So im guessing thats why i cant smoke anymore

  20. Sloth

    This has happened to me twice now. First time was when i was at school (I had smoked a bowl before leaving home). I got to campus before my class started, and decided to chill on a bench and do some last minute studying. I start to feel queezy and then the next thing i know I’m waking up on the concrete. I was just glad nobody saw it happen.

    The second time it happened, I was chilling on a bench with a homie after smoking a bowl. All the sudden i start to feel sick, and super dizzy; almost like i had just taken a fat dab. Then I start to get tunnel vision until it goes completely black, and I pass out. Waking up was weird and slow. My hearing was the first to come back, though it sounded like I was under water. When I could finally make out my homie calling out to me, I opened my eyes and everything was white for several seconds until I finally regained full consciousness.

    It’s definitely a scary experience. If for no other reason than that you wake up so confused. It helps if you feel the symptoms coming on, and are familiar with them, but the first time is a trip.

  21. Mishal

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t smoke anymore. And it saddens me because I used to enjoy smoking.

    The funny thing is, it only seems to happen to me when I smoke a joint or a bowl? Actually anything smoke related. Immediately I get light headed, and feeling like static appears in my visual. Ill actually have to take a time out and sit flat on my back for 5 minutes. Its really a problem

    Now I only eat edibles, and in small doses, it comes on slow and lasts longer. Anyone else notice this problem from smoking?

  22. Anonymous

    I’m not a big MJ user but I have had a couple bad experiences with edibles. I think it’s caused by taking too much (re: not a big user…)

    A couple summers ago, I ate a cookie before heading to a festival. We were standing in the really hot sun for about 45 minutes when the world went dark, everything sounded fuzzy (like TV static almost) and I hit the pavement. I woke up surrounded by people with a gash in my head.

    More recently, I was at my mother in laws, eating cookies and sipping margaritas throughout the day. Towards the end of dinner, I felt super ill. I ran to the bathroom, started seeing spots as my vision faded, and ended up sitting on the floor. After a few minutes, my vision cleared and the feeling passed.

    Note that I’ve had half a dozen other completely uneventful sessions with edibles and occasionally use it to help me sleep. But in both bad scenarios, I wasn’t taking it easy. I ate pretty big doses and was putting stress on my body in other ways (heat, alcohol). I only dabble in MJ occasionally and I think the delayed effects of eating makes it easy to consume too much too fast. Combine that with other stressors and I think my body’s natural reaction was to just shut down.

    Now I’m being nicer to myself with smaller doses.

  23. Anonymous

    I have started to wonder if, as I age, I will begin to develop worse signs of genetically low blood pressure/ hypotension, but unfortunately due to an abysmal health care diagnostics process in my area, it’s purely a speculation on my part that I have hypotension at all.

    I’m a ‘Chronic’ 25 year old pot head, I toke multiple bowls daily. I smoked a handful of times before I turned 21 but only really started when I was about 22-23 toking daily. I used to be very sensitive to weed and ‘green out’ frequently, particularly if I had been drinking at all, and I would even get physically sick, but this was always attributed to drinking too much at the same time, because who pukes from weed? This sensitivity faded within a year and the actual high was lacking, I continued to toke socially because it’s relaxing. Within the past two years, I have tried to get ‘as high’ as I did in the beginning, obviously not possible, but my sensitivity went way way down and I started smoking very heavily just to feel anything. Within the past six months, I got my dispensary card (ha) and started noticing a distinct, very pleasant but fleeting headrush was my only ‘getting high’ portion of toking. Then, that headrush added ‘Flinstone Arms’ one day, which is a sensation of your arms being heavy, weak, useless, shaking, and tingly. I had to concentrate very carefully when this happened to not drop my glass piece. It’s an occasional addition to the headrush that’s only started in the last couple of months, after switching exclusively to dispensary bud. These generally never last more than 45 seconds.

    Recently, in the last two weeks, I picked up hash from the dispensary, and an old friend who happens to cook shatter for a different dispensary had me over to test dabs and toke his excessive green supply. I have noticed that these concentrates put me up in headrush territory faster than toking my way through several grams of green, and every bowl after that for the rest of the day is more effective as well. Sometimes multiple days.

    I haven’t toked with buddy all weekend, so it’s not the shatter or any of his stuff, and I didn’t toke any hash in the last 24 hours, but while I was toking I happened to be edging myself on this happy little headrush every toke from my second bowl. I love it when that happens. But I don’t love it when one minute I’m enjoying the tingle, standing up and then leaning against the wall… only to wake up the next instant lying on the ground twitching and shaking. It’s the second time I would say this happened but the first time I was sitting cross legged so I hunched in on myself as opposed to falling backwards and flopping. The first time also was more of a fade out and back in, where this was a real faint, mostly because I was standing. I was terrified, I thought I had a seizure, and I’ve only just now calmed down enough to go have some water, some food, and then maybe go back out later.

    Something I noticed: Headrushes make stoners forget to exhale, so they continue to black out from lack of oxygen instead of releasing the puff, not on purpose but because they literally forget to breathe.

    What I am taking away from all of this is that the fainting and the sensations that I’m experiencing are all to do with the blood rushing to and away from my brain due to improper blood pressure. That seems scary and dangerous so I’m going to do a thc cleanse for the first time in over 3 years and see if I can get my low tolerance back. (I’ve never gone even a day without, someone said if you allow like a week for the thc to come out of your body you can sort of re-set your tolerance. I’m planning on doing this with one of the cleanses designed to ready your body for a urine test, to see if it helps the process) I’d rather smoke a little than risk the blackout, like everybody else.

    I’m also taking away that other factors like low blood sugar, dehydration, and exhaustion contribute, which makes sense because I fight with drinking enough water to stay hydrated on a daily basis, and my dietary choices over the last three years have been shit. Today, I was hungry, really hungry, when I went to toke.

    I would say in my case that I probably don’t have anything wrong with me that eating properly and drinking a glass of water before toking won’t fix, but just to be safe I am probably going to cut drinking. I had two beers today for the first time in a week, if that was the culprit, I am going to laugh and cry at the same time. How do you choose between weed and beer?

  24. Jon

    This happened to me last night, it was the third time it has happened, twice last summer, and now a few months later this winter. I was a daily smoker for 4 years. This seems to always happen after I’ve taken an extended break, and smoke a sizable amount. Often times I’ve been hungry/thirsty. Sound gets muffled, sight fuzzy, loud ringing particularly in left ear, dizziness, I turn pale as a ghost and sweat. Scary..I drink water and lie down, and it passes.

  25. Soul11man

    I have been a pot smoker for 20 years. I used to smoke piles of it without problem. There have been a couple times in that 20 years that I have passed out from ingesting weed. It usually happens in conjunction with not eating or drinking enough water. In the last couple years I have been regularly getting very high quality bud. I often feel lightheaded and faintly dizzy after sitting for a while and then getting up and walking into a different room. Most recently I have eaten some strong medibles and these seem to have the most intense effect. I have passed out twice after eating pot infused cookies. The last time I ate a whole cookie, sat on the couch for a couple hours and was feeling light headed. I stood up, walked to the bathroom and BAM hit the floor stone cold. My wife revived me and I immediately threw up. Then I kept fading in and out. I could tell at the time it was a combination of blood sugar and blood pressure but I could seem to regulate. Actually had to call the paramedics because I might have hit my head on the way down. I have low BP to begin with but it seems for me, the larger the dose, the more it lowers my blood pressure, the greater chance I have of passing out. Puking seems to go along with it but that is the body’s way of raising BP again. Interesting phenomenon. I am glad to see I am not the only one. Let’s get MJ off Schedule 1 so it can be properly researched so we don’t have to guess outcomes/causes on pages like this.

  26. coty

    Its just from when you take to big of a hit of dank weed and the smoke is to thick for your lings so they cant get enough oxygen so you instinctively get dizy and light headed so you sit down to get blood flowing to your brain offten times when you sit down you will pass out but this only happens to prevent brain damage if you didnt pass out you would be killing brain cells like crazy. The only reason you black out from pot is your hogging all the weed or your shit was laced stop being stupid haha. Other reasons people black out lack of nutrition Or bodly mimishaps.Which people stupidly mistake for pot no its just that giant bong rip you shouldnt have cleared in one hit lmao best of smokeing to all! ;)

  27. Karlie

    This has happened to me like 4 times..I smoke a lot of weed- like multiple times a day for probably a couple of years already..and I distinctly and vividly recall the times I passed out. I’m in my 20s and have no health problems. There was nothing different or weird about the situations I was in, it just happened. I got really high(usually a big bong rip) and after about 10 minutes everything gets really fuzzy, I got loud ringing in my ears and became very dizzy, and before I knew it I was on the floor. I woke up literally a second later each time, but it was crazy. my advice is if u feel this happening, stay put and ask somebody to get u a drink. Or just stay put and it’ll pass.

  28. chris

    Talk about a chicken little and the sky is falling article.

    Passing out happens and has since people started smoking it. Granted, these days the levels of THC are through the roof (24-33% on good strains) and over 60% for vapor or wax. So for a first timer or seldom user – if they hit something like Skywalker OG (indica), they’ll be stuck to th

  29. Gl

    I’ve been smoking for a year now & just began experiencing lightheadeadness, dizziness, blacking out, ringing in ears, etc. Not to mention my body feeling cold before it happens. Pretty sure it deals with blood pressure. If you have these feelings i recommend laying down,forcing youself to cough (it helps pump blood to your heart to stop you from passing out) and then immediately drinking & eating (especially eating) something so you may remain concious. It really helps me. PS: I am a light smoker, I take a couple of hits from my one-hitter each day. My strain is suuuuper dank though. Maybe thats another reason I experience these symptoms? Anyway if this happens to anyone else as well please leave a reply with information you have that may be helpful.

  30. Julie

    This happened to me twice when I was a teenager, over 30 years ago! Since then I either abstained or made sure I didn’t have to drive and went very slowly.


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