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10 Most Popular Spring and Winter Catering Ideas

Winter and early spring are great opportunities to serve your guests hearty, mouth-watering dishes. From steaming soups, to warm cheese appetizers, and unique stations of all kinds, there are so many clever dishes to choose from. The colder temperature calls for comfort food that helps us all warm-up, especially after a chilly winter and spring season.

Just because it’s winter or spring, it doesn’t mean you need to limit the catering ideas in your menu. Just like every other season, some foods jive particularly well with winter. Here are ten popular spring and winter catering ideas to make your next event the talk of the season:

Idea #1: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Do you need some creative catering ideas for a winter appetizer? Take a classic winter combo like grilled cheese and tomato soup and turn it into a bite-sized appetizer by placing the tomato soup in a shot glass and accompanying it with a slice of grilled cheese.

Guests will get to warm up with the soup and follow it with a slice of classic comfort food. Not only is this the perfect winter pairing, but it’s a unique idea that we’re sure your guest will just love for both the creativity and the taste.

Idea #2: Baked Brie and Cheese Tarts

Nothing helps us warm up better than warm comfort food. For your next winter catering event, serve this mouth-watering baked brie and cheese tart. Who doesn’t love cheese hot, gooey cheese? Especially in an appetizer! Once guests bite into this cheesy app, we’re sure they won’t be able to stop at just one! Serve it with nuts, pear slices, or jams to kick it up a notch.

Idea #3: Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

A good idea for winter catering is roast chicken and sweet potatoes. This hearty meal is a classic, but also the perfect dish to help guests warm up. If your guests would rather a beef option, you can have them choose in advance and then serve them the dish they requested. Beef is one of the most popular options among party guests, so work with a catering company to ensure this idea is added to your menu.

Idea #4: Red Wine Spaghetti

Red wine and spaghetti? Is there really a better combo? In this dish, the red wine cooks down and becomes a butter sauce that not only gives the spaghetti a unique flavour but also turns the pasta red. Guests will be impressed at the combo and we’re sure they’ll be talking about it for months to come!

Idea #5: Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is the definition of winter comfort food. Whether you decide to serve this as a main course or a buffet item, your guests will be able to come in from the cold and warm up with a classic dish that’s sure to please. It’s up to you if you want to make the shepherd’s pie with beef or lamb. Whatever you choose, we’re sure this winter catering idea will be a hit.

Idea #6: Pizza Bar

Create a pizza bar for your winter event that’s sure to impress. Serve this as a main course option or a late-night snack. You can really play around with this and have fun with the different pizzas you decide to serve. The best part about this option is that guests can pick and choose which pizza they want to eat and warm up with.

Idea #7: Poutine Bar

Serve a midnight snack that your guests won’t be able to resist. A poutine bar is the perfect winter catering idea and it’s made even more fun when guests get to serve themselves at a fun station. You can even put out different toppings in case guests want to add something fun to their poutine like butter chicken, green peppers and mushrooms, and even Italian sausage.

Idea #8: Warm Apple Pie

Now that guests have enjoyed your winter menu, serve up a hot dessert to keep the winter theme going. Nothing says winter better than a freshly baked hot apple pie. Serve this in cute little dessert glasses or let guests serve themselves, the choice is yours. If apple pie isn’t your thing, consider serving a different kind of pie, or serve more than one to give guests options.

Idea #9: Gourmet Hot Chocolate Bar

What’s winter without hot chocolate? As a dessert station option, serve gourmet hot chocolate in cute little mugs. Spice up this winter catering idea with whipped cream and top with different toppings like candy cane shavings, sprinkles, or bite-sized chocolate pieces. Who wouldn’t love to finish off a delicious meal with this shot of sweetness?

Idea #10: Chocolate Ganache Tart

Serve this chocolate tart alongside different cakes and pies to give your guests lots of hearty winter dessert options. This tart uses nuts as part of the crust, giving it an added crunch. Guests will be in love as soon as this tart is served!

No matter what you decide to serve at your next winter event, make sure to give guests lots of warm, hearty, options to warm up with!