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12 Different Types of Display in Retail Stores

Any thriving and successful retail store relies on a sales-focused presentation of merchandise. Showcasing products in their best light and configuring a retail display in a way that motivates customers to buy could be daunting for some.

You just need a few basic starting points to get going on for your retail display. Here are the twelve different types of displays in retail stores.

Type #1: Gondola Display

A gondola retail display is two-sided with height-adjustable shelves. They are freestanding frames usually made from steel. They are most popular in grocery stores and pharmacies. Gondola displays are perhaps the most used type of retail display as they are very customizable and adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of different sized products.

Type #2: Point-of-Purchase Display

Point-of-purchase displays are your ultimate impulse buy opportunity. The POP displays are placed near the cash register or door. As someone is looking to get to the cashier to pay and leave, these merchandise displays are stocked with cheap, popular product. This is also a location where placing items close to their expiry date is smart. Add on a discount and as long as they’re within arm’s length, you can move a lot of product this way.

Type #3: Grid Wall Display

A grid wall display is exactly as it sounds. It goes right up against the wall, often covering it from top to bottom. Customize the different shelf options. For a retailer with limited space, choosing a grid wall display makes use of what may be otherwise unused space.

Type #4: Entranceway Displays

At your entrance, you want to wow your customers with trendy, affordable products. An entranceway display, especially in a mall, can help pull in shoppers walking by. For inspiration around this type of retail display, look at how others are doing it in your local mall. Come summertime, many brick-and-mortar stores have elaborate outdoor entranceway displays. Catching shoppers’ attention so that they enter into your store is the objective.

Type #5: Window Displays

Window displays are another shopper-grabbing retail display, featuring products that are high-quality, creative, attractive, and unique. These types of display in a retail store give the best opportunity to show off what the business is all about. Pique curiosity. Don’t let anyone pass without a second glance.

Type #6: Dump Bin Display

A lot of us will find dump bins to be unattractive when compared with other retail displays. Walmart’s a common user of dump bins. They are very large bins where individually packaged products are tossed in. Dump bins are meant to provoke impulse buys, usually are inexpensive items, and are branded with the logo of the company.

Type #7: Table Displays

As wonderful as a garment rack can be in a store looking to move clothing, table displays are another retail display that can help break up the monotony of rack after rack. If you’re selling clothing, consider a few table displays in the middle of the room with garment racks towards the walls.

Table displays can obviously be remade according to what products you want to feature. They’re common not only in clothing stores but also in book stores and with many other types of merchandise.

Type #8: Banner Stand Display

A banner stand display is not a traditional retail display. It’s more like signage and is used to advertise a promotion or feature a new product. Banners are inexpensive and effective. When located next to your product, it can also sell new customers on its advantages or benefits. Banner stand displays are particularly beneficial when it’s tagged to a product that requires some explanation.

Type #9: Freestanding Display

A freestanding display is a branded cardboard vertical display showcasing product in its own standalone presentation. They give an organized, attractive appearance. For brands looking to promote an entire product line, introducing new product, or who is looking to play up certain seasonal or promotional elements, a freestanding display captures attention and gives you a private merchandise area away from the competition.

Type #10: Display Case Displays

Display cases have a sense of ‘Do Not Touch’ to them yet always attract the eye. For jewelry, valuables, tech, or electronics, a display case display is somewhat expected. They can be used ornamentally, to give a sense of luxury or exclusivity to a given category of product. There are display cases for individual products as well, like lotions or perfumes. They are used for the aforementioned exclusivity-getting purpose.

Type #11: End Cap Display

An end cap display sits on the end of an aisle. A lot of the time, they’re very bare and just shelving. Take the opportunity to dress it up. Brand it. Use it as an advertising space. Product placed in relevant areas on an end cap display maximizes this real estate. As basic as it can be, major merchandising opportunities exist with end cap displays.

Type #12: Pegboard Display

Pegboard displays use perforated hardboard with rows of evenly spaced holes to attach some shelving, hooks, bins, and other pieces. They are often paired with other merchandise displays, due to their flexibility. They are known to carry smaller, lighter merchandise such as smartphone accessories, jewelry, confectionery, and more.