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3-D Printing: Taking Innovation To The Next Level

Printers have become an integral part of our lives, assisting us in our projects, printing our important documents and portraying our memories as printed pictures. However, with the technology boom all over the world, there is a lot more to come. A new technology termed as ‘3-D printing’ has already taken the world by storm by printing materials in 3-D! Did you ever imagine that? I am not joking. It has already become popular in many industries and has started benefiting people around the world.

Working of a 3-D Printer

To print a 3-D model, the printer is connected to various computers which first scans the model or the design according to which the model is going to be printed. It then brings various ingredients stored in its storage (which usually consists of plastic) together to yield a final print, which looks and performs like an original one.

Transforming the Medical Industry:

The 3-d printing technology was quick to grab attention of the scientists in the medical field. The 3-D printers used by these scientists are capable of printing body parts such as ears, nose and even Kidneys! While it would take at least a decade for an artificially printed kidney to replace the original one, the skin printing has already started showing results, by printing body parts as good as the real ones!

Making Functional Parts In The Aerospace Industry:

During its initial days in the 1980s (Yes, it is that old!), 3-D printing was used for printing common prototypes, but with its evolution with the help of various engineers and scientists, this technology began to be used for printing parts which could actually be functional and could work for some productive purposes. For example, the air ducts in the Aeroplanes are nowadays made through 3-D printing. Use of IPV6 Adoption for better performance of servers is prescribed for such methodology.

3-D Printing In Hollywood:

It was 3-D printing which was used to build the dynamic Iron Man suit in Iron Man 2. Moreover, it has been used in a lot of movies for various things.

At The Ground Level

While it is still a new technology to most of the people around the world, it is common to some of them. There is an actual 3-D printing store in Manhattan, which provides 3-D printing at affordable rates and you can take a printer home at an affordable cost too!

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