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6 Common Torn Tendon in Foot Symptoms

No matter if you are a professional athlete, or a regular person of any age, injuries are bound to happen. The body is a machine that can be susceptible to harm from a variety of factors, ranging from very minimal to much worse. One of the most annoying injuries to experience mostly relate to the feet.

Sometimes, these injuries can exacerbate and can become a pain to deal with. For example, you may, by accident or otherwise, tear a tendon in either foot. Though the treatment can be relatively simple to implement, there are a variety of symptoms to know about. Some are minor, while others can be excruciating.

These are the six most common torn tendon in foot symptoms:

1. Swelling symptoms

Swelling is one of the most common torn tendon in foot symptoms. Depending on where the tendon tear has occurred, the area is likely to swell. The magnitude of how badly it will swell will have to do with the extent of the tear. However, expect to see bruising in some capacity on your foot. Unfortunately, the swelling of the foot can actually become painful overtime.

That is why it is crucial to immediately treat the area of the foot with orthopedic physiotherapy. An ice compress, when placed with pressure, will be able to reduce the swelling entirely. If the swelling does not mitigate after a while, you can continue icing the area in question. Should this not work, you may have to see a health care professional for better treatment.

2. Tenderness symptoms

While not as painful or annoying as much as swelling, your foot may actually become a bit tender. Normally, this involves you losing a sensation in your foot, due in part to the torn tendon. Experts say that while this can be a nuisance to deal with, it can exacerbate if not treated in time.

Tenderness in the foot can occur in various areas of the foot as well. You may feel the symptom at the top of your foot, where you are unable to feel your toes. Or, the tenderness may occur at the bottom of the foot near the heel. Whatever the case may be, it is important to treat it right away. Rest your afflicted foot as well, for maximum recovery.

3. Pain in movement

Even if your foot does not feel a physical pain when stationary, it may become worse while walking. Those who suffer from torn tendons in the foot may experience pain while moving about. This does not have to even be a power walk, where you push yourself for daily exercise.

A minimal amount of movement can be the foundation of pain in your affected foot. The most important treatment option here is to simply rest. You’d be surprised as to how beneficial it can be to your physical health by doing a minimal amount of activity. Once the pain begins to dissipate, test your movement out by walking a bit.

4. Improper leg functioning

In one of the most harrowing experiences in accordance with a torn tendon, your entire leg may lose its functioning. Although there is a very minimal chance of this actually happening, it is still a possibility.

Since there is no immediate fix for this symptom, it is generally recommended to see a doctor immediately. Your health care professional will have to diagnose the proper treatment, so that the leg can return to its normal functioning. This treatment may include prescriptive drugs, either orally or by corticosteroid injection.

5. Bearing weight

Once you tear a tendon in your foot, you may also experience multiple symptoms at the same time. If this is the case, you may soon realize that your injured foot cannot bear additional weight on it. The weight may even be incredibly minimal as well, where a shoe cannot be put on as normally.

For the most part, it is important to seek medical care if this symptom is present. You may have to take prescriptive drugs, which will allow functioning to return to your foot. Otherwise, simply rest your foot, and apply an ice compress to the afflicted area in your downtime.

6. Deformity symptoms

Similar in vein to your leg not being able to function properly, this symptom is also pretty rare. However, it is still a possibility if you happen to tear a tendon in your foot. A deformity may manifest in the form of an unconventional bruise on the affected area. Should this occur, it is advised to seek medical care as soon as you can.

A torn tendon is nothing to play around with, especially if the symptoms appear to be serious. If they aren’t, you should be able to nurse your injured foot back to health in no time. Take care while walking, and the foot’s healthy functioning will soon return!