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7 Most Desirable Dental Hygienist Benefits

Is a career as a dental hygienist the right choice for you? This is a question that many students graduating high school and heading off to college are faced with daily. Dental hygienists play an important and pivotal role in a dentist’s office and are responsible for tasks such as cleaning patient’s teeth, taking x-rays, and making the patients feel at ease and comfortable, among other things.

Not only do hygienists have a steady paycheck coming in, usually every two weeks, but it gives you the chance to help someone learn about dental hygiene and leave the dentist’s office with the smile they deserve.

There are many dental hygienist benefits that you may find appealing about this career. Here are the seven most desirable dental hygienist benefits and incentives:

Benefit #1 – Flexible Schedule

One of the biggest dental hygienist benefits has to be the flexible scheduling options. In this field, there are many different schedules available, including part-time, full-time, and sometimes even weekend work. There are quite a few dental hygienists that are even employed by a couple of different dental offices, splitting their days and hours between each.

If you need a flexible work schedule, then dental hygienist is a great option for getting it.

Benefit #2 – Competitive Salary

Since the dental field is constantly searching for workers who are dependable and want to help others, the salary for this field choice is competitive. The median salary for a good dental hygienist is said to be around $72,000 a year. This salary of course, depends on the field you go into, the amount of experience you have, your specializations in the field and a few other factors as well.

Benefit #3 – Job Stability

In a world where nothing seems safe or stable any longer, the job market is no exception. However, this career path is ranked among the top fast-growing career fields in the industry. This is due to population increase and preventive care being a top priority in the world today.

In other words, you’re not going to have to worry about your job being phased out, which is a great investment in your future. Job stability is one of the best dental hygienist benefits. After all, who doesn’t want job stability in today’s uncertain world?

Benefit #4 – People-Oriented Atmosphere

The biggest priority in most dental offices is making their patients feel relaxed and soothing their fears. Most people are a little scared when it comes to visiting a dentist, so if you’re people oriented, then this is the right career for you.

As a dental hygienist, you’ll get to work in a relaxed atmosphere and help others to relax as well. If you know the importance of good dental hygiene and want to help other with that goal, then a job as a dental hygienist is the right fit for you.

Benefit #5 – Advancement Opportunities

While you’ll need a certificate or an associate degree to work in a dental office, there is also plenty of room for advancement. The programs are well-organized, so you should have no problem completing them and getting started. There are opportunities for advancement by going back to school to get your bachelors or master’s in dental hygiene.

With either of these options you will have a brilliant career ahead of you, with opportunities such as research or even teaching waiting in the wings. If you have dreams and goals that go beyond working in your chosen field, then becoming a dental hygienist can open many doors for you to do just that.

Benefit #6 – Safe Work Environment

Safety in the workplace is more important than ever in today’s increasingly violent society. As a dental hygienist, you will be working in a safe environment. The setting you choose to work in should be professional, comfortable, and safe at all times.

Benefit #7 – Casual Dress Code

As a dental hygienist, you don’t have to worry about professional clothing. You will simply be wearing scrubs the majority of the time. Not only are scrubs comfortable to work in, in many cases you could be issued those scrubs or given a clothing allowance to get them yourself.

These are just a few of the top benefits of getting education to become a dental hygienist. From the school needed being minimal to having the opportunity to help people, and from safe working conditions to the competitive salary, becoming a dental hygienist is the way to go for many students upon graduation from high school. If you enjoy helping others and know the importance of good oral help, then this is the right career for you to pursue. Sign up for classes today!