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8 Best Types of Retail Display Shelves That Sell

Most shoppers are highly visual. They are first attracted by the appearance of a product before they are attracted to the product itself. Cleverly done display shelves at a retail store should enhance the appearance of a product to encourage a potential customer to take a closer look and, perhaps, make a purchase. The ideal retail display shelves depend on the items displayed at a store. The idea is to display items in such a way that prospective customers find it fun to pick them from the displays and head over to the checkout counter.

How you shelve products at a retail store influence the ambiance and general appearance of your retail store. Customers love selecting items from neatly-arranged shelves that are strategically and logically set up to allow effortless shopping. Your retail display shelves should be carefully and thoughtfully arranged to enable visitors to your store easy access to the items on sale. The aim is to make the customer experience in your store pleasant, memorable, and infectious enough for them to want to come back.

Below are some of the highest converting retail display shelves.

1. Fixed Bracket Shelves

Also referred to as suspension shelving, they comprise separate brackets that can be used together or separately. When used independently, they are known as standalone shelves. When used together, they are referred to as multi-unit shelves. To install them, hinge the brackets directly to the wall. Wooden bracket shelves allow for more creativity since they come in different colours.

2. Wall or Floating Shelves

These types of retail display shelves are among the most popular. They are commonly used in bookstores and several other places. These types of retail display shelves are made of steel, glass, wood, among other materials. A significant advantage of these shelves is that they come with ample space for storing your products. Since they are fixed to the wall, they are durable and strong. For stores with limited space, wall or floating shelves are highly recommended.

3. End-bay Shelves

These are also referred to as promo end bays. They more or less look like the wall shelving. However, they are different in that they feature a back panel, which keeps items arranged on the gondola shelves from toppling. If your store has ongoing sale offers, these shelves are perfect for getting would-be shoppers to spend more. These types of retail display shelves are also ideal for promotions and clearance sales. They are a common feature along the aisles at a supermarket.

4. Corner Shelves

Niftily tucked at the corners of a store, these shelves are ideal for maximizing the use of space. Such space would, under normal circumstances, be tough to utilize. You can use stainless steel, solid or laminated wood to set up corner shelves.

The look you want your shop to rock determines whether you hang them on a wall or install them from the floor. Either option means creating shelving space where it would have been impractical to do so. This gives you more display shelves in your retail store. It also translates, hopefully, into more sales.

5. Freestanding Shelves

One of the advantages of freestanding shelves is that you can move them around, which is critical when rearranging a store. They come in different designs, colours and shapes. Freestanding shelves are made of plastics, stainless steel, or wood. The material used determines the durability of the shelves. In this case, the most durable freestanding shelves are made of stainless steel.

6. Magazine Shelves

This type of shelving is commonly found in bookstores. The shelves are mostly made of wood. There are some, however, that are made of steel or glass. The magazines or books are displayed to help customers quickly browse through different items on display. They combine well with the beautiful colours found in magazines and books, arresting many a customer’s attention.

7. Refrigerated Shelves

These shelves function as a fridge. They are used to display perishable items or products that should be preserved at below room temperatures. The shelves are usually found in food stores or in supermarkets. They are mostly made of stainless steel.

These types of retail display shelves feature a glass door so customers can have an unobstructed view of the products displayed therein. As visitors approach this area of your shop, they are attracted by the beautifully presented fresh products seemingly gleaming from behind the glass doors.

8. Pegboard Shelves

These shelves are generally made of a durable panel featuring perforated back panels and a base shelf. They create hanging space for displaying on-sale items, but you need pegboard hooks to make this display work. They are perfect for keeping things organized and orderly. Pegboards feature different sizes and colours. They are ideal for use in retail stores, factories, display areas, workshops, and hardware stores. They can also be used to organize your home.