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Canadian Vaping Association Prepares To Fight Regulation of E-Cigarettes

Legal challenge has been filed by the Canadian Vaping Association, CVA, against a Quebec law that puts limits on just where e-cigarettes can be used. Bill 44 forbids the testing of e-cigs in shops, store displays, advertising, and the sales of any vape products online. Amidst all the uproar caused by those against vaporizing and plans to regulate because they disapprove, CVA apparently at least has the backing of Minister Trudeau who acknowledges that e-cigarettes are a valuable tool in helping one give up harmful smoking habits.

Banning A Practice With Obvious Health Benefits Makes No Sense

Tobacco is so highly addictive anything at all, including vaping, which helps to lead people away from this deadly habit can only be considered a good thing but apparently not everyone agrees with this opinion. Regardless of the Ministers thoughts on the matter, regulation of vaping all across Canada at the Provincial level seem unbalanced, and way more restrictive than they need to be. CVA President Stanley Pijl says this chaos is only going to harm people who are trying to help themselves by giving up smoking when the help they need is that much harder to find.

Propaganda Against Vaping Doesn’t Match Up With Solid Evidence To The Contrary

In 2015 Public Health England published its opinion of the vaporizing issue. Their commissioned report had some interesting things to say about the matter which included that public perception is inconsistent with hard evidence. This report stated that not only are e-cigs 95% safer than smoking, they do help people walk away from tobacco. These are facts from Public Health officials and yet the opposition continues to wage its war against vaporizing.

Giving Up Smoking Is Tough Enough Without Bill 44 Making It Even Worse

Canada’s Federal Government may have publicly recognized that vaporizing is a much healthier alternative to smoking but until others do so as well, acquiring vaping supplies for the people who most need them just got tougher. There are people who even now would rather vape than smoke, but if they can’t even go into a store to see what a vaporizer looks like or buy supplies for it, chances are they will be stopping in at the tobacco shop instead.