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Guide to Purchasing an Office Photocopier

Purchasing office photocopiers can result in a significant spend for a company, particularly if it is a large one with a lot of copying needs. The variety of makes and models on the market provide an impressively broad spectrum from where to choose. With photocopiers available in monochrome, digital color, multifunctional, and all-in-one, it is no wonder settling on one can be intimidating. Luckily, a lot of information is available on what to look for when picking an office copier machine, ranging from paper size checks to the print speed to toner types. One aspect that most people don’t give much attention to when buying a copier for office work is the maintenance and service agreement. Therefore, you should be aware of the components to be included in a service agreement.

Role of a Service Agreement

The point of getting a maintenance and service agreement is to allow workers to use an office copier machine without constantly fretting over its care. Consequently, an agreement will typically cover repairs. One of the features to watch out for in a service contract is the type of repairs covered because, in most cases, they vary from one supplier to another. You will also find that the definition of “parts” varies with dealers and that will impact the services available. Ensure that a contract stipulates the specific parts of office photocopiers that are covered and the ones that are not.


When evaluating the repair and maintenance services offered in a contract, consider the cost as well as the response time. A majority of dealers charge per-click rates. A click refers to a printed image, and when getting into a service agreement, a dealer will look at the minimum clicks in a month. When estimating monthly clicks for your company, be sure not to under or over do it. A service agreement will require you to meet that rate, whether you use them or not. Regarding response time; if a copier breaks down during office hours, you want to know that a repair technician will be there in two or three hours. Also, consider the emergency services provided by a dealer, especially if you are an entity that works outside office hours.

Where to Get One

A service agreement can be a packaged deal when purchasing an office copier or you can get it from a different company. One plus point of going with another maintenance and repair company is cost-effectiveness. An independent repair technician may charge lower for services, which is an advantage in cases where many office photocopiers are in use. westx.ca is more convenient to provide repairs due to their location and availability.

When getting into a service agreement with a photocopier dealer, don’t forget to read the fine print. It would be a shame to get charges for services that you don’t need or get overcharged for the essential ones.