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Most Insane Water Rides In The World Worth Visiting

Water slides are one of the best sources of enjoyment, fun and to overcome the heat. They are nowadays available at almost all the places around the world in resort, amusement parks, hotels or water parks. Their variations in size, height, craziness make everyone insane and addictive.

You can’t miss the fun even if you want because water slides fill plenty of thrill inside you in first sight which you can’t resist. Many innovations have been done and still going on to make them coolest, craziest and best holiday place. Here is the list of some most insane water slides which will leave your mouth wide open with thrill and excitement.

Cliffhanger/F5 Twin Twisters – Texas, USA

Unlike transparent glasses in other slides, these slides in Galveston, Texas are completely covered. Intended to make confusions and terrify the riders, these slides can bring you goosebumps on first sight.

X-Treme Faser – Galaxy Erding, Germany

Slides are made to provide you fun and enjoyment. But this is gonna be far different from what your perspective says for water slides. It is unavailable to women and light hearted person because of the speed it reaches in 220 feet long ride.

Twister and Speedy – Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg Thermal Spa, Austria

You must be asking now what is this. These two colored slides are named twister and speedy. However, both are twisted around a building but speedy has more pace with 460 feet length which may make you dizzy to ride.

Boeing 747 – Oregon, USA

You must be thinking airplanes and water slides don’t have any relevance. These water slides allow you to ride Boeing 747 airplane along with two tunnel water slides starting at the same time.

World Waterpark- Alberta, Canada

Canada’s climate is known to all. Still Canadians have managed to build a whole packed water park in a giant building. It features umpteen of water slides, wave pool and even a zip line! Wanna own a business but lacking in finance, try government grants for small businesses.

Summit Plummet – Blizzard Beach, Walt Disney World

Disney world is where every child crave for a visit. But this Summit Plummet ride can’t be in their visiting list. This slide (120 feet high) is so steep with an initiation of 90 degrees that your adrenaline would be pumping like a drill.