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Manitoba to Receive All-in-One ID Cards in 2017

One of the latest technologies coming to Canada is the all-in-one Personal Identification Card. These ID cards will include driver’s licence, photo ID, health card and a travel ID. This multiple purpose identification documentation will be officially available in Manitoba as of 2017.


Who Will Receive the New Canada ID Cards?

Manitoba Public Insurance will issue new identification cards to persons ages 16 of age and older. It will not cost any money to receive it, and the government will pay for them not ratepayers. This new card will be made from the same material used to create the existing driver’s licences.

On the back of each card will include a Personal Health Identification Number. The front will have each person’s photo and driver licence number.


How Secure Are These New Canada Cards?

Each ID card will be developed using photo ID software that protects cardholders from identity theft. The new identification card authentication technology will also prevent forgery and fraud.

Some people, however, expressed concerns about privacy. For instance, there was a concern that MPI will send driver’s licence information to Manitoba Health. However, it is said that no driving data will be shared by MPI to the health care provider. Likewise, no prescription drug and medical information will be transferred from Manitoba Health to the driver licence issuer.


Where and How Will These New Cards Be Used?

They will more than likely be accepted at any place that offers services requiring the photo ID or PHIN. They will be used at hospitals, shopping malls, airports and homeless shelters. It also will be used for job interviews, housing applications and medical appointments.

It will be used in the same way two separate identification cards were used in the past. The main purpose of it is to cut down on the number of places a person has to visit to receive assistance. It also is intended to make application processes at each office where low income people do request help.


New Card and Technology Improvements

One of the new improvements of this all-in-one ID card arriving in 2017 is that it is more durable than the previous health card. It even is said to be able to withstand accidental machine washing and drying. Furthermore, donor registry has been made easier with the new card system. In addition, the health information portion of the all-in-one card will be available on a smartphone or tablet app.