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Medical Marijuana Making Waves

Medical marijuana is something that has been heavily debated over the last several decades, although there is no question that the states are starting to see that there are a huge amount of medical benefits, without too many detrimental effects. One of the biggest problems when it comes to medical marijuana, despite the fact that there have been countless tests that show how many medical benefits there are, the Federal government still lists the plant as a schedule 1 drug. This means that they consider marijuana to be one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, which is simply not true. This has muddied the water up quite a bit and has made things very hard for those states that have medical cannabis available to its residents. The majority of states in the United States now have medical marijuana Toronto Ontario and with several new states, including California, opting to fully legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, there is probably going to be a big shift in public opinion.
It is pretty shocking to think that medical cannabis has not become federally legal, especially when you consider the huge benefits that come to patients, such as kids that have constant seizures. There have been plenty of cases where young children have seen their seizures be almost completely eliminated, providing them with a high quality of life, as opposed to the nightmare that they had before receiving medical marijuana. The concoction of pills and other treatments that are typically used on these children make them go through a massive amount of pain and are not nearly as effective as medical cannabis. One of the things that is particularly interesting is the fact that CBD, rather than THC is used for the most part to stop these types of seizures, which does not create an intoxicated feeling or effect. In this sense, medical marijuana can be used to treat ailments effectively, without having any type of high effect for the user. Medical cannabis should absolutely be legal and it appears that things are moving in the right direction, so hopefully in a few years medical marijuana will be legal Federally in the United States.