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Roofing Work Can Kept Minor Leaks From Causing Major Damage

A roof should be built to last, but no roof is going to last forever. Being ever on the lookout for “minor” problems is a critical duty for a homeowner. The reason is the “minor” problem could end up being a major one. This is doubly true when living in a region known for harsh winter weather. Roofing work positively has to be done on any roof showing the signs of a leak.

Sagging Ceilings are OminousBubbles and sags appearing in a ceiling might not seem like a big deal, but it is. The sagging could be the result of water coming inside of the house. Damage to the roof may be leading water to seep in. A loose shingle might be the problem, which is a very easy roofing Toronto fix. Wind damage, however, may have cause far more massive damage. Regardless of what is causing the leak, the roof has to be repaired. If not, the water is going to continue to seep in and ruin the wood under the roof.

Mold, Rot, and Collapse

As time goes on, rain and melting snow lead to the wooden frame of the roof getting wet. Mold may grow on the wood and this leads to rot. At some point, the rotted wood won’t be able to hold up the weight of the roof. Imagine if a very heavy snowfall arrives. The massive weight on top of a weak roof likely means an imminent collapse. If the wood is weak enough, the roof may collapse under its own weight.

Have the Roof Checked Out

The very first time it becomes clear there may be water leaking into a home, call a roofer and have the top of a home checked out. The risks for more serious damage occurring are very high if roofing work is delayed. The damage is going to be sped up if heavy snow or rain falls on the imperfect structure. Skilled roofers are available to fix things. Do not hesitate to call them when problems arise.