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Signs That You Need A New Brake Pad

For most vehicle owners, brake maintenance is a vital safety element that also sets a path to long-term ownership even if it involves buying auto parts online. Sadly, most people ignore regular maintenance of the brakes until they find themselves frightening situations on the road. In this post, we are going to give you signs that indicate your brake pad are bad and need replacement.

Pulsating Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal vibrates rapidly when you press on it, you need to get a new one. A pulsating pedal is a classic sign of worn out brake pads. In some cases, a mechanic can repair the pad and fit it back. However, the safest way to deal with this problem is to replace them.

The brakes make noise

When a brake begins to produce a clicking noise whenever a driver presses on them, it indicates a brake pad that is worn out. A brake pad has a material that prevents the brakes from making rattling sounds, and when you start hearing sounds, it shows that the material is worn out. The best way to solve this issue and enhance safety is to get a new brake pad.

Presence of grooves in the motor

Most drivers who are observant enough when repairing their vehicles will notice signs of a worn out brake pad easily. A severely destroyed brake pad will leave deep grooves in the rotor. When these grooves become visible, you need to replace the pad as soon as possible. In some cases, you will also have to replace the rotor.

A Pulling Car

Though a car pulling on its sides indicates different mechanical problems, it is a common sign of faulty brake pads. A car will pull on one side of the road even if the driver does not turn the steering wheel but applies the brakes. This happens when the brake pads wear unevenly on both sides. However, if pulling occurs when the driver does not press on the brakes, it is due to a different problem.

The pads are too thin

A brake pad that appears too thin is a reliable visual cue that tells you to get a new one. You can comfortably check this by looking through the car wheel spokes. A brake pad that is less than a quarter inches is too thin and should be changed.

The brakes are producing a grinding sound

If there is a grinding sound whenever a driver presses the brake pedals, it means the brake pads, the disc and the callipers need replacement. The sound often comes when the three components rub together. Get a qualified auto parts Canada dealer to help help you get the best replacement.

Identifying the right time to replace a brake pad is a good quality every driver must have. The driver can help avoid potentially dangerous situations caused by brake failures.