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The Highlights of Windows 8

When Windows 8 came out it was pre-installed on all new Windows computers. This is also when touch screens were introduced on many tablets, laptops and desktop monitors. The new operating system is vastly different than other Windows versions. There is still a traditional Windows desktop, but the new Start screen is exciting. The full-color tiles offer faster-stepping stones for watching videos, surfing the Internet or checking your email. This new version was created to please consumers that listen to music, browse the web and watch videos. Save money when you buy Windows 8 at popular Internet auctions.

About Windows 8

There are basically two different modes that include the Start screen and Desktop tile. The Start screen offers colorful tiles that continually update to show the latest Facebook updates, weather reports, email and more. The desktop tile is the traditional Windows appearance with a lot of power and detailed menus. Passwords are more important than ever with the new version of Windows because it lets many people use the same computer. There also is no longer a Start button or Start menu. Instead, you will see large tiles that represent a program installed on your computer. You can add or remove tiles from the Start screen by right-clicking it and choosing Unpin from the menu.

Common tiles you will see on your Start screen include the camera, desktop and calendar. The camera lets you snap photos with your computer’s built-in webcam or camera. The desktop runs the Windows programs you have used for the past decade. The calendar lets you add appointments that have already been created through Google or Hotmail accounts. The finance tile offers charts and graphs of the stock market.

The Desktop tile is found on the desktop and is able to run traditional Windows programs. The desktop works much like the desktop in former Windows versions. The new interface is user-friendly when using a tablet. You simply swipe left or right to find tiles you want. You can also launch apps from the desktop by right-clicking on an empty part of the screen. Select the New button, type in the location and click Next. Enter a program name and click Finish.

Customize your tiles to make the most out of your Windows session. Tiles can be moved by clicking and dragging the tile to move it towards the top or bottom. The mouse wheel allows you to scroll through all tiles on the desktop. Pina tile to your Taskbar by right-clicking the tile and choosing Pin to taskbar on the drop-down menu. There are keyboard shortcuts that can make your experience more rewarding. Press the Windows key to switch to the desktop or open the Start screen.