Home Living What Should I Prioritize In My Staging for a Small Living Room?

What Should I Prioritize In My Staging for a Small Living Room?

The home is where the heart is when it comes to making one’s living. From living in a detached property to apartment living, nothing beats the feeling of living in a home to call your own. You may want to upgrade your living arrangement at some point or another. Thus, you will need to prepare the home for sale.

Regarding those living in smaller living arrangements, some areas are essential for selling. Staging the space is important, especially for some rooms more than others. Living room staging is imperative and maybe even more crucial to do correctly for smaller spaces. Consider these tips to stage it effectively if you have a small living room.

1. Audit The Room

First and foremost, you should do an initial inspection of your living room as it stands. Since you are dealing with a smaller space in general, you may not have many items present. Whatever items you do happen to have here, clear them out, and empty the room as much as possible. Then, take a step back and analyze what would work best for staging.

Once it has been cleared, an audit of the small living room will be important for several reasons. First, you will be able to determine what can be included regarding staging photos. Then, you can also determine how to best utilize the reduced real estate after it has been cleared. Brainstorm accordingly, and you will be ready for the next few steps!

2. Furniture Rental

Using furniture to make your respective space look better has much to do with marketing. For staging purposes, furniture will be essential to have, especially as it pertains to smaller spaces. If you do not have the right furniture, consider furniture rentals.

Many furniture pieces for the living room can be rented for a cost and used accordingly for staging. Whether you are looking for the right sofa or several pieces of the same colour, renting can be worth it. Once you get a hold of these, arrange them as you see fit, and you will have some great photos for your listing!

3. Mirror Placement

Modern interior design can be left up to the designer’s interpretation. However, some components of design can benefit staging. One of the best ways to do this is to use mirrors in the space. Since you have limited space overall, the right arrangement of mirrors can benefit your staging.

That is because mirrors, when placed in a corner correctly, can make the space look bigger. The reflection simulates the idea of your living room looking larger than it is. In addition, mirrors can be used for their traditional purposes as well. A living room mirror is ideal if you need a quick look at your outfit before heading out.

4. Walkable Areas

Many homeowners may take this for granted, but staging is not just about what is inside the photos. Rather, you should also create an environment that benefits movement overall. Walkable areas, even in a small living room, will be crucial. Consider the furniture you will place in the room, and then arrange them to allow for better movement.

This creates a visual that the space allows your guests to huddle together effortlessly. It is the ideal goal for any living room space, after all, whether it is small or big. It may take a few tries to get right, but adjust them as needed before deciding on the final result. Your inevitable staging photos should account for this sentiment once the pictures are taken.

5. Lighting

An extension of the previous point concerns how much lighting is granted inside the living room. Small living rooms, in particular, can benefit greatly from as much natural light as possible. As a result, try to arrange the staging to allow beams of light to emphasize what is inside the room.

For example, if the room only has a few windows, it may be better to add lighting apparatuses. A simple standing lamp in the corner can pay off greatly. All you have to do is add the apparatus and let the illumination work.

6. Avoid Clutter

An important rule of thumb for any staging purposes has to do with organization. The last thing any staging photo should have is clearly out of place. Make sure you take the time to throw away all garbage present and clean visible surfaces. Then, staging photos will look much more methodical.