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10 Different Types of File Folders

File folders keep your papers organized. You can organize important documents and be sure that you will always find them since they are well maintained and stored. File folders come in different shapes, colors and sizes. You have a great selection of office supplies, including water-resistant folders and archival folders. Many file folders are designed to fit just about any filing system as they are created with different applications in mind. There are tab-style folders, color-coded folders, pressboard folders and more.

If you find yourself frustrated, trying to find paper or important documents, it is time to get yourself proper file folders. Once you implement the file folder system, you will notice a huge transformation of your workstation from a messy to a meticulous one. It will help you combat a disorganized workplace.

However, you first have to know what types of file folders you need for your workstation:

  • If you need your files to last for years, then you will be looking for durable file folders.
  • If you have classified or confidential information to file, you will want to get the classification file folder range.
  • If you want to be eco-friendly, then you will choose recycled file folders.

You also have certain sized documents that don’t always fit the standard file folder sizes so you have to look for file folders that will match. If you have many documents that you want to store in one file folder, then you have to look for a file folder that can accommodate the volume.

Knowing what you need for your filing system will ensure you select the right types of file folders. Here are a few types that you can consider to get started:

Type #1: Heavyweight file folders

These types of folders are not just durable and colorful. They come with an extra-large tab offering 90% of label area. You can write or print your label larger. Furthermore, these sturdy folders fit any vertical or lateral filing system.

Type #2: Tab file folders

For optimal visibility, you should consider the tab file folders. They are fast to retrieve and offer maximum longevity. There is a wide range of styles and features that you can choose from to fit your type of filing system. With these types of file folders, you never waste time trying to find important documents.

Type #3: Reinforced file folders

You are probably looking for a durable file folder that lasts longer. They offer maximum protection of your documents such as letters, photographic prints and certificates. These types of file folders have outstanding strength and are best for archival documentation.

Type #4: Hanging file folders

Perfect for cabinets, these folders can keep charts, records and other important documents organized and well maintained. There are different dimensions you can consider. Hanging file folders are a common way to keep papers neatly stored within a desk drawer. You can get them as reinforced tabs, heavy-duty and with extra capacity for your bulky documents.

Type #5: Plastic file folders

You can get plastic folders with tabs or pockets that neatly file and store your documents. With these folders, you can store important information securely and easily find the papers you need.

These types of file folders are durable, making them ideal for frequent handling and retrieval of documents. They come in a variety of colors that also make it easy to find the specific file you need without having to waste time going through all files. The folders with pockets create small storage for photos, notes or memos.

Type #6: Recycled file folders

Recycled file folders are an environmentally friendly choice that you should consider to get organized or stay organized at the office or your home office. You can find eco-friendly and economical 100% recycled file folders that benefit the environment. Even after use or at the end of the folder’s life, you can always recycle the folder.

Type #7: Classification file folders

These types of file folders come with four, six or eight sections allowing you to organize your documents efficiently. You can also use different colors for different industries. If you have confidential or classified documents, the classification folders will be your best option to fasten and secure these documents. These folders are made with heavyweight and poly materials that are tear and water-resistant.

Type #8: Reversible file folders

The reversible files allow you to print labels on both sides. They come in different colors, styles, sizes and thickness. With the reversible label feature, you can find or locate the files quicker without wasting time pulling out the files to read the labels.

Type #9: Pocket elastic file folders

These types of file folders are perfect for storing all important documents and many documents that you want to carry with you. The elastic flap keeps the documents safely secure so that when you carry the folder, you do not have to worry about the documents falling out or being misplaced.

Type #10: Vertical file folders

If you are not looking for horizontal files, you do get them vertical. This way, you can file your documents upright. You can easily insert them into the file without having to remove the folder from its position or opening the flap. You gain instant access to your documents as well.