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How to Get Rid of Vape Tongue

Do you love the vaping lifestyle? It is a great pastime that allows you to get nicotine more safely while connecting with other users and having fun as a cloud chaser. Oh, and of course, there is the flavour. Vape juice comes in various flavours, from tobacco, menthol, dessert, candy, fruity and even savoury. We all have our favourites and enjoy them for their realistic tastes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always last.

Sometimes you can enjoy your chosen vape juice, and then one day, the taste is muted, or you can’t taste anything. Has the juice gone bad? Not necessarily. Suppose could be that you have developed a common condition called vape tongue.

The vape tongue is a worldwide phenomenon where you suddenly lose the ability to taste your vape juice. It may feel like you have a thick coating on your tongue, which changes your ability to taste. You have thousands of taste buds on your tongue, which regenerate every ten days, but with steady vaping, your mouth can get dry, negatively affecting your taste buds.

Your sense of taste and smell work together, and when they are overexposed to the same flavour, they can lose their perception of it. This flavour fatigue is frustrating, but it is not permanent.

Are your vaping days over? No, but you do have to deal with it. Here is how to get rid of vape tongue.

1. Clean Your Tongue

This is an easy first step that will help remove any barrier that stops the full flavour of your juice from getting through. You probably brush your teeth once or twice a day, so take 10 seconds to brush your tongue. You can also get a tongue scraper to remove any built-up film and try mouthwash to clean your tongue and the entire mouth.

2. Hydrate

Having a dry mouth is one of the causes of vape tongue, so you must increase your water intake. A dry taste bud has difficulty registering flavour, so try to drink more water than usual. Most people talk about eight glasses daily, but if you regularly vape, make this the minimum.

3. Take Vape Breaks

When you find an activity you enjoy, it’s easy to overdo it by becoming a chain vaper. This constant hit of juice takes a toll on the taste and smell receptors, so it’s a good idea to let them rest and reset. If taking a break seems tough, you can increase your juice’s nicotine level so you are longer satisfied.

Allowing your tongue to rest will enable it to heal itself fairly quickly, so avoid vaping, smoking and spicy foods for a few days or more.

4. Stop Smoking

Smoking and vaping are a double whammy on the taste receptors, and it can bring on a vape tongue faster. If you do both, try just sticking to vaping and see if you can kick the cigarette habit completely. It is better for your health, and your tongue won’t take as much abuse.

5. Drink Less Coffee And Alcohol

Both of these beverages are diuretics, and that causes you to urinate more often. They also dry out your mouth on contact and those combined lead to dehydration in your whole body. This doesn’t mean you must stop drinking them completely, but if you get vape tongue, cut back on your consumption and see how it affects your taste. You may have to abstain for a week until the problem is corrected.

6. Switch Flavours

You probably have some favourite vape juices that you stick to regularly, contributing to the problem. Your olfactory senses usually narrow in on one flavour, which can become less vibrant over time, so you need to give your taste buds something else to discover by switching your juice up.

It is best to change to a completely different category, so if you use fruity flavours, don’t switch from strawberry to pineapple. Find a coffee or tobacco juice that you enjoy and keep to that for a few weeks, and then your taste receptors will be ready for that fruity blast again.

7. Try Unflavoured Juices

You can use an unflavoured vape to give your taste buds a real break without stopping vaping. While this may seem like a waste, part of the vaping experience is producing clouds and participating in your peer group. Vaping also helps some people relax and combat stress as they take deep breaths while vaping. It is a habit too.

Switch to unflavoured for a few weeks to rest your tongue and keep the vaping routine in check.

Vaping is usually a positive experience, and anything that takes away from that is no fun. Watch for signs of a vaper’s tongue, and then use these tips to get rid of it, so you get full enjoyment and taste with every hit.