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How to Stop My Vape From Burning My Throat

A vape that burns your throat is not right. You shouldn’t be walking away after a vape with a sore or scratchy throat. Whether you’re a new vape user and are wondering if this is normal or have long been vaping and have found this to be a new development, a burning throat is fairly common, but that doesn’t always need to be the case.

Every once in a while, you might get a dry hit or an e-liquid that’s a little too strong, and you get a slight burning sensation in your throat. This is normal. It happens. However, if you’re burning your throat every time you use your vape device, that’s when you may want to make a change for the sake of your enjoyment.

If this is ruining your vaping experience, here’s how to stop a vape from burning your throat.

Rule Out Tobacco Withdrawal

First and foremost, if you recently quit smoking, your body could be going through tobacco withdrawal. A symptom of this is a sore throat. This should clear up in 3-5 days and isn’t tied to your vaping.

Use a Low-Strength E-Liquid

A high-strength e-liquid is going to give you some really strong hits. An e-liquid with high nicotine content can lead to a sore throat. A low-strength e-liquid is a lot easier on the throat. Experiment with different nicotine concentrations until you get to the point where you have the nicotine your throat can handle. When buying vape pods or vape pens for sale, consider getting one with a low-strength e-liquid instead.

Try Nic Salts Instead of E-Liquid

If you must have a high nicotine vape juice, it might make more sense to go for nic salts instead. They contain different types of nicotine and are naturally smoother. You can still vape a high-nicotine liquid this way but won’t get the sort of throat hit you get with a regular e-liquid.

Opt for a Better PG/VG Ratio E-Liquid

The amount of propylene glycol, or PG, in your vape juice is responsible for the intensity of the throat hit sensation. Too much PG for you can lead to a burning throat. Opt for more vegetable glycerin or VG to even it out. A higher VG concentration will mean a smoother vape and alleviate some pressure on the throat. Try an even 50/50 PG/VG ratio or higher.

Try Another E-Liquid Flavor

Some vape juice flavours just don’t vibe with some users. Even after modifying the PG/VG ratio and adjusting the nicotine content, you may find certain flavours are better than others in terms of burning the throat. This can stem from many reasons. You may have an allergy to an ingredient, for example. This is common in flavours tailored to tobacco and desserts. If you’ve only had the burning sensation with one particular flavour, it doesn’t hurt to try another and see what happens.

Replace Your Vape Coil

Your vape coil may be the cause of burning in the throat. You won’t want to just replace your coil but also opt for a different type of coil. Some of us are unknowingly allergic to nickel, and coils made with nickel will cause that allergy to activate. A coil free from nickel or with a lower nickel can be tried. You may find this to be the answer to the problem of a vape burning your throat.

Burning Throat May Come From Vaping Too Much

You may not realize how much you’re vaping until you think about it. A high vape frequency can irritate the throat in some people. Be sensitive to that. You may want to give yourself a few days of no vaping, and then when you restart, be more mindful of when you do it and vape less frequently. Although it may suck in a way to vape less, it’s much better than a burning throat. Also, your vape juice will last longer, so there’s a bonus!

Adjust Your Vaping Style

There are two primary styles of vaping. Mouth-to-lung, or MTL, is like smoking a cigarette. Vapour is taken into the mouth and inhaled into the lungs. Direct-to-lung, or DTL, is when the vapour is not held in the mouth and goes straight into the lungs. Try the other if you find your throat burning after using one vaping style. For some, this will offer a little relief and provide them with a way to continue vaping at the frequency they enjoy.

Make Sure You’re Not Doing Dry Hits

A dry hit will surely give anyone that sensation of burning in the throat. A dry hit is when air is vaporized instead of e-liquid. To avoid the possibility of a dry hit, ensure the tank is full of vape juice and that your coils aren’t expired or malfunctioning. Dry hits are harsh. You’ll know when you get one, and it’s never pleasant.