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Where to Start When Building a House

Building a house is an exciting time to see your dream go from breaking ground to moving in. There are many steps along the way and lots of planning to make this construction project run smoothly, so be prepared for a whirlwind adventure as you go through it.

While you may dream of a completed home with all the modern amenities, you must take a right first steps to realize your vision. Are you wondering where to start when building a house? These are the steps you need to take to be successful.

1. Start with a Budget

Before building a castle, you must know how many bricks are required. It all starts with the costs for your new home, and you must get a number to work with.

See where your finances are right now by sitting with a financial advisor to see how much you can afford to spend on your project. This will dictate where you are building, how big the home will be and what you can put inside for amenities.

A financial advisor will consider how much cash you have and your current income and factor in servicing any debt you may have. Then you will get the amount a lender will give you. Your budget needs to include not only the cost of construction but finishing and furnishing as well.

2. Decide Where You Want to Live

Location is important as this will likely be your residence for several years. You need to factor in things like:

  • Commuting to work
  • Local schools
  • Proximity to shopping
  • Parks and other nearby recreation
  • Crime rates
  • Property values

Once you decide on an area, you must find building lots to construct your home. This can be tough so have some flexibility to give you multiple options.

3. Find a Home Plan

This is one of the most important steps because you will reside in this home and want it to match your family dynamic. There are many house plans to choose from, or you can design your own and get architectural plans drawn up.

Sit down with your spouse and decide what you want in a home. This can be a spirited negotiation, and some compromises will be made to get want you to want within your budget. Consider how many bedrooms you need based on the number and age of any children and what home style you like. You can build a:

  • One story rancher
  • One and a half story
  • Two story
  • Split level
  • With or without a basement

Pick a design that works for you and makes everyone happy.

4. Find a Building Contractor

Now that you have your lot and house design, you need someone to build it. If you are a carpenter or experienced DIY builder, you may want to tackle some or all of it yourself. For everyone else, they will need professional home builders.

Look around your area for any new homes or ones under construction. Pay attention to details and see if they are doing a good job, and don’t be afraid to ask questions from the homeowners. They usually are more than happy to tell you if they are satisfied or not with either builder. Look up local home builders and meet with them to hear their pitch.

Give out your plans and try to get 5-6 quotes if possible. You don’t want to pick the cheapest, but costs matter. Ask for referrals and follow up on them because you are making a big commitment and want to have your home built right, on budget and on time. Take everything into account and make your best choice for the builder.

5. When To Begin Your Project

Timing your house-building project is important because you want to get into your house as soon as possible. While building in the fall and winter may not be ideal, it has advantages. This is when building material is typically at its lowest and most available because of the lack of demand. The same is true for tradespeople. You will get the best overall prices if you start your build during these months. Most houses take around six months to complete, so you will move in by late spring or early summer.

These are the beginning steps to take when building a new house. It is an exciting and stressful time all rolled into one, so be patient, flexible and hands-on, and watch your dreams come to life. Then you can start living in a home you took from concept to creation with all your personal touches.