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9 Different Benefits of Sunlight Through Windows

An open window that lets in natural light is a positive for any room. The amount of sunlight we receive or do not receive can profoundly impact our mental and physical health. Most of us do not get enough sun to reap the benefits, but summer is a great opportunity to get outside and open those windows and let the sunlight fill your home.

Year-round, the sun hitting your skin and filling the room is good. Here are the benefits of sunlight through windows.

Benefit #1: Sunlight Improves Mood

SAD is a seasonal affective disorder and is a type of depression that essentially accompanies winter. A part of that is because, in winter, Canada doesn’t get as much sun as during the warmer months.

As spring sets in, and then summer, there’s more sunlight, and, for most people, sunlight improves mood. Science has shown sunlight boosts serotonin and improves symptoms of depression. When the sun is out, a little sunlight through your windows shining into your home can help tackle your day.

Benefit #2: De-Stress with Sunlight

The sun relaxes. Take a break, open the windows, get fresh air, and take in some sun. Sunlight has been shown to make people feel less stressed. This is why homes used to have sunrooms wherein the whole purpose was to escape and keep calm.

If you are fortunate enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows or another type of large window, remove the blinds, shades, or curtains, and allow the sunlight to shine in.

Benefit #3: Receive More Vitamin D

Canadians do not get enough vitamin D which is a vitamin that comes from exposure to sunlight. So much so that every Canadian is advised to supplement with vitamin D.

Even if you dislike being outside or working indoors, you can still increase vitamin D production by opening your windows and letting sunlight enter. This important nutrient is essential for bone density, a healthy immune system, and mental health benefits.

Benefit #4: Increase Productivity and Functioning

Exposure to sunlight has been shown to improve cognitive functioning, helping with memory and attention. If you work from home, you’ll want as much sunlight through your windows as possible because it’s also been demonstrated in separate studies that sunlight increases productivity.

No wonder many people find it easier to focus and get work done in a sunny location instead of somewhere dark, such as a basement.

Benefit #5: Make a Small Room Feel a Little Bigger

Another benefit to having sunlight in and windows exposed is that it adds a visual perception of more space. Opening the window can make things feel less confined and a little more spacious if you are in a small room. You can see more space, whether looking out over your backyard, a street in front of you, or out at the horizon if you live in a top-floor condo.

Benefit #6: Sunlight Helps You Sleep Better

Your body’s internal clock helps tell us when to sleep and when to wake. There’s a rhythm and timing there. Sunlight helps to regulate that timing, aka our circadian rhythm. Opening the window and allowing sunlight in during the morning help to wake the body up.

Alertness is boosted. Productivity increases. You instruct the body when to wake up and rest, helping you sleep better. If you want to start the day right, let some sunlight through your window.

Benefit #7: It’s Energy-Efficient and Has Cost Savings

It’s also important to note that sunlight is heating the room. In winter, that’s heat that comes free. You save money there. Year-round, sunlight provides lighting, which means no need to turn on electric lighting, saving you money there. You consume less energy and maximize the available heat.

It’s also possible to use solar panels in various formats, such as solar panels for motorized blinds, to maximize further what you can get out of the sun.

Benefit #8: Sunlight Will Help Indoor Plants Thrive

Have an indoor plant space! With direct light, houseplants can survive for longer and properly photosynthesize. That’s fresh air in the home, living in your plants, and a greener, more natural atmosphere.

If you have pets, you may also notice that cats and dogs love to lie in the sun. Everyone loves it! You must ensure your blinds, shades, or curtains are open during the day to get in all that lucky sunlight.

Benefit #9: Connect with Something Natural

Many of us spend our time in buildings staring at technology for most of our day. Having the sunlight there to enjoy is something natural and real we can connect with from anywhere. Feeling the warmth of the sun, it’s a very natural sensation.

It can be comfortable to the body, helping with mental health and even physical health ailments, such as headaches, to a minor degree. Especially when combined with the fresh air, it’s a very relaxing way to live.