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6 Most Comfortable Clothes for After Surgery

If you have just had surgery, you will want to make yourself as comfortable as possible. It’s always a good idea to plan out some clothes for after surgery beforehand so that you’re not stuck wearing something uncomfortable.

Look through your current closet and drawers and see what you have that is loose fitting and easy to put on. You will want to avoid things like buttons. Instead, opt for clothing with zippers.

If you’re in the market for new comfortable clothes for after surgery, we have some ideas for you:

1. Hoodies

Hoodies are the most comfortable clothes for after surgery. It’s a versatile piece that works wonders for after surgery. All you need to do is have someone help you slip them over your head or simply purchase one with a zipper and then zip it up.

The material hoodies are made from are always comfortable and great to wear while you’re recovering from any kind of surgery. You can even buy your hoodie one size bigger for extra comfort and to make it easier to get in and out of.

Hoodies are also quite stylish these days. Just because you’re recovering from surgery doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish at the same time! Spend some time finding a hoodie (or hoodies) that are not only comfortable, but come in a colour or style that you like. You can get custom printed hoodies to pick a design that you can wear proudly.

2. Overhead Peasant Tops

This top is not only easy to get into, but it’s also stylish. It comes with many features like a wide elastic neck hole which enables you to easily step into the top or pull it over your head. It also comes with deep and wide elastic armholes and sleeves which are great if you have limited arm dexterity after your surgery. Another great feature of this top is that it’s a very roomy fit and even comes with vents at the sides for added comfort.

This shirt is a great option if you don’t have anyone around after your surgery to help you get dressed or you just want to maintain your independence.

3. Shower Shirts

One thing that may limit you after surgery is needing to protect various devices from water. While this is important, you will feel more comfortable if you can shower regularly. That’s where the shower shirt comes in.

The shower shirt was designed by a breast cancer survivor and is super useful for showering post-surgery. These shirts are water-resistant and designed to prevent post-surgical mastectomy drain sites.

They are quite versatile and also work to protect dialysis catheters and medical ports from coming into contact with water while showering.

To give you an idea of its design, the area around the neck looks like a turtle-neck which is lined with micro-fibre, a Velcro strap, and a drawstring under the jaw-line. This ensures that the shirt has a tight fit across the neck to make sure everything is protected from the water.

4. Loose Fitting Sweatpants

After your surgery, you will want to slip your legs into something comfortable. Especially if you have had abdominal surgery or a C-section, you will want your pants to be loose over your belly. In the case of a C-section, it’s always a good idea to hold onto your maternity pants and wear those after your surgery.

For other abdominal surgery, make sure you or someone close to you can get you some loose-fitting sweatpants. Avoid tight elastics around your mid-section as that will probably add to your discomfort. For pants to wear after surgery, the stretchier they are, the better!

5. Wide Leg Pull-on Pants

If you’re getting surgery on your knee or hip, for example, you will want to have a pair of wide pants on hand. The last thing you want is for anything to be too tight, especially around the area that was just operated on.

Wide leg pull-on pants are even large enough to accommodate casts and swollen legs and ankles. This may not be something you have taken into account when thinking of what you’ll need after surgery, but they’ll come in handy. These pants are also great if you don’t have anyone around to help you in and out of pants or if you just want to maintain your independence as much as possible post-surgery.

6. Soft, Comfy Robe

Something else that will prove useful after surgery is a soft, comfy robe. You can just slip this on when you have visitors or get chilly. They come in such comfy materials these days that it will be easy to find something comfortable.

These robes also come in many different styles, so we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

We hope your surgery goes well and we wish you a speedy (and very comfortable) recovery.