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Microsoft Office 2007 is a Worthy Upgrade

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If you have been following Microsoft Office through its series of monotonous upgrades in contemporary years, then you can be excused for yawning at the prospect of Microsoft Office 2007 version. Office 2007 isn’t just any other collection of instrumental twists to the world best-utilized office suite. Just what does it offer to any user who has been using older versions of the Microsoft Office?

Like any other software that undergoes significant updates or upgrades, Office 2007 obviously comes with exciting and demanding learning curve than its forerunners did. It is undoubtedly the most exciting and compelling office suite we’ve seen in this modern era. You can actually access and buy Microsoft Office 2007 at a special Microsoft Office Online site and check out the new features yourself.

The all-encompassing design variations in Office 2007 can be unsettling at first. The package has surprised us with a whole new look whereby instead of relying on countless flowing text on the shallow taskbars and text menus, most of the actions in Office 2007 occurs in a ribbon or fat band. This ribbon is located at the same point where the taskbar used to be and is capable of displaying graphical features that change every time you click the different menus bar buttons or tabs. The ribbon will introduce you to additional commands and tools that you’ve never seen before.

You may find yourself scrambling to find the new location of an accustomed option, but the Office 2007 suite will offer you an extensive ‘online help‘. The office suite features a significant tool called the live preview that will allow you to experiment with formatting styles as you view the outcome of your result before applying them. In case you fail to know the location of a frequently used command, Office 2007 is equipped with the Quick Launch toolbar that will give you a place to pin commands from any of the applications ribbons. The office also features some extremely significant commands including ‘save’ and the ‘undo’ buttons that recover you document in case of a non-expected re-edit or loss of power supply.

The decision by Microsoft to use its new XML file format, rather than the obvious .xlsx, .docx or .pptx formats to open Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents respectively will annoy those who are yet to upgrade their older versions of Office suite to 2007. This is because they will be unable to open or receive such files from others with the upgrade. Though Microsoft has tried to lessen their torture by shipping Office 2007 awareness patches, those with the upgrade will obviously have a competitive edge.

Even after this review, you might decide that your current productivity software is all that you need. But in case you’d like to get the best out of your office suite, then the upgrade will do that for you.