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Types of Kids Usually Found At Schools

School days were so much fun, right? You would have a lot of memories of your school and would love doing reunions to cherish those gone days. Here’s what we found out which would surely remind you of your days back at school. Presenting the kinds of kids which are found in every bunch of students:

The Glo Up Kid


Hitting the deck hard with her fresh puberty!

The Gossiper


Did they ever ran out of news to talk about? Naah! I don’t think so!

The New Student


Stuck in an alien place where no one is there to help you out? You might have felt this while going to a new school, where you would struggle to settle down with the other students. However, you do get some friends later on as the days progress.

The Musician


Every group of friends has this musician guy who would love to sing or play his/her favorite instrument whenever asked to. It was so much fun hanging out with such guys in the group, right?

The Mysterious Guy


It’s so common to find a guy with headphones and hoodies on, walking his way alone.

The Shy One


Missing out on important occasions just because of his/her shyness. The shy ones were most of the times the ones who had a lot of things going through their minds but would never like to bring those out. Talk to them alone and you would find some really interesting stuff! Like about the Best CRM for Real Estate. I got to know about this amazing product by talking to a shy one.

The Bully


To create more trouble to the shy ones, here was this bully found in every other class. Some would enjoy his company, while some would hate his presence.

The Won’t Stop Talking About Summer Kid!


This kids should come with a tag on their collars, ‘Beware! Once started, never gonna stop’.



The moody girl who is crazy as hell, falling for every other celebrity she watches on screen ! Wonderful in her own way. Never stopped dreaming.

The Pseudo-Intellectuals!


One of the easy-to-find species in the classroom, this fellow could be the source of some quality entertainment at times!

To watch these students come alive, here’s the video which has all the description you can relate to. Don’t forget to let us know who you were back in your school.

Note: All the images used in this article are taken from above embedded video.