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9 Thoughtful and Useful Hospital Gift Basket Ideas

If you have already visited a hospital gift shop, you have probably noticed how they are filled with flowers, colourful balloons, stuffed animals, candy, and boxes of chocolate.

While some patients might appreciate these gifts, they are not exactly considered useful. Plus, some patients might not even have the right to consume sweets at the hospital!

You can do better than that! If you want to comfort a loved one during their hospital stay, send them a thoughtful gift basket to let them know you are thinking of them. You can also get inspired by these hospital gift basket ideas to create a customized gift basket you know they will love.

Here are nine thoughtful hospital gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: Snacks and comforting beverages

If your loved one isn’t on a special diet during their hospital stay, you can include plenty of snacks and comforting beverages in their gift basket. Think about cookies, crackers, nuts, caramel popcorn, candy, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

You can also add fresh fruits to their hospital gift basket or even a few wholesome meals. They should be happy to eat something other than hospital food from time to time.

Idea #2: Warm blanket and socks

When searching for hospital gift basket ideas, you should think about warmth and comfort. The gift baskets Toronto can give your loved one comfort in the hospital during the coldest months of the year.

A warm, soft blanket will keep them warm at night or while they rest during the day. You can also give them thick, fuzzy and colourful socks, as long as they have grips so they won’t get slippery.

Idea #3: Customized or funny hospital gown

Hospital gowns are sad and boring, aren’t they? You can make your gift basket more exciting by adding a colourful hospital gown with an inspiring, comforting, or funny message and a cute design.

It’s even possible to customize a hospital gown with the design or message of your choice. This unique gown will make your loved one happy and could even make nurses, doctors, and other patients smile.

Idea #4: Lip balm and moisturizing lotion

Your loved one probably already has all the basic personal care items they need for their hospital stay. But perhaps they are missing a few things.

The air inside hospitals can be pretty dry, so a tube of lip balm and some moisturizing lotion will always be appreciated. And if they already have these items, your gift will allow them to try a new scent or brand.

Idea #5: Sleep mask and ear plugs

Some people have trouble sleeping soundly when they are not in their beds. You can help your loved one sleep better during their hospital stay by adding a pretty sleep mask and a pair of earplugs to their hospital gift basket.

These items will also help them take naps during the day, even when the hospital corridors are bright and noisy.

Idea #6: Back scratcher

If your loved one has dry skin, adding a back scratcher to your hospital gift basket will help them eliminate annoying itches. Such a little tool is even more convenient if they have a bad back or can’t move much.

Plus, back scratchers can have other uses. They can be used to reach objects that have fallen on the floor or under a bed or to reach something placed on a shelf.

Idea #7: Books or magazines

Having to stay in a hospital bed can be pretty boring. To help your loved one pass the time between visits, give them a book they haven’t read or a favourite book you know they would be happy to read a second time.

You can also add the latest issues of magazines you know they will enjoy to their hospital gift basket. With plenty of reading material, they might not have time to get bored.

Idea #8: Games and other entertaining options

Not everyone enjoys reading books. You can also add some entertaining items to your hospital gift baskets, such as a deck of cards or a compact board game.

You could also add a book of sudoku, a book of crossword puzzles or logic games, and a colouring book with a box of coloured pencils. It all depends on what your loved one enjoys doing in their spare time.

Idea #9: Mobile device stand

Some prefer playing games on their phones or tablets in hospital beds. Others will enjoy watching movies or shows or reading books on their mobile devices.

For these people, a mobile device stand can become a valuable gift. They will not have to hold their device all day long or search for an awkward way to make it stand on their side table.